About Fein Violins

Fein Stringed Instruments has served professionals and students since 1982, with superior service and a fine selection of violins, violas, cellos, bows, wood music stands, and musician accessories.

We are a stringed instrument shop, specializing in hand-made violins, violas, cellos, and bows. Our violin shop is located in St. Paul, MN, and our instruments are played by enthusiasts all over the United States, Europe, Asia, Canada, Central America,  Africaand South America.

Andy Fein, the luthier and owner, has over 30 years of experience in the field. All of the instruments that we sell are set up, adjusted, and checked by Andy, as well as by the musicians on our staff.

We feature instruments made in our partner violin shop, Atelier Cremone, from France and Italy. We also offer instruments from the workshops of Francois Costa and D. Albert, both of which are located in Markneukirchen, Germany.

All of these instruments are made exclusively for us, using our specifications regarding wood age, grain structure, measurements, and varnish formula. Our instruments are unique and are only available through our violin shop.  We are also constantly in the process of acquiring and restoring fine, older instruments. Our current selections of older instruments are included in our instrument web pages.

About Andy Fein, Luthier at Fein Violins

Since 1982, I've been the owner, violin maker, & restorer at Fein Violins, Ltd. I make & restore violins, violas, cellos & bows.

In recent years, I have worked closely with two collaborators in Germany: Francois Costa and D. Albert. I also co-create instruments with my partners Atelier Cremone.

Before becoming a violin maker, I earned a B.A. (cum laude) in Music from Wesleyan University. I also studied chemistry & physics. My apprenticeship was served at the Kenneth Warren & Son School of Violin Making, which is now The Chicago School of Violin Making.

Originally from Cherry Hill, NJ, I've called St. Paul, MN home, since 1982.

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