Sunday, March 22, 2015

These Are A Few Of Our Favorite Strings- Part III, Cello

By Andy Fein, luthier at Fein Violins
and Martha McDermott

Taste in cello tone varies quite a bit, from bright to very mellow. But I've never had someone ask for cello strings that will make their cello tinny, very bright, nasally, or unfocused. So, by process of elimination, I'll assume that most players like their cellos to have a focused, somewhat mellow sound with big and responsive C and G strings.

Gautier Capucon plays with Larsen Strings

Going for that goal, and with plenty of string trials and feedback from clients, teachers, professionals and the staff at Fein Violins, we've narrowed  it down to three string sets. All made by Larsen Strings.

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Old and Not In the Way, Part I, Guarneri Family Instruments

By Andy Fein, luthier at Fein Violins
 and staff

In our first installment of Old and Not In the Way, let's take look at the string instruments of the Guarneri family. 

The scroll of the 1697 'Primrose' Andrea Guarneri viola
The Guarneri family gave rise to Joseph Guarneri del Gesu, generally considered as good, or better, a violin maker as Stradivarius. Where did he come from?