Saturday, July 9, 2011

Fantasy Role Play...
Band Camp: for Strings!

Written by Debra Krein of Fein Violins

What? Fantasy role play, you say? Yes. And it's for adults only, of course.

Not to worry, this fantasy role play is nothing scandalous. No, no. This is The Violin Shop, not craigslist, after all!

The fantasy I'm referring to here, is the chance for adult amateur musicians to live out their dreams, with a chance to perform with "the greatest orchestra in the world."[1]

Minnesota Orchestra Hall
Schematic design by KPMB Architects

The Minnesota Orchestra announced earlier this week, that they will be holding their "first-ever Minnesota Orchestra Fantasy Camp".

This Fantasy Camp is a two-day orchestral immersion experience, giving serious players of standard orchestral string, woodwind, brass, percussion, and even the harp, the opportunity to practice alongside members of the Minnesota Orchestra, and even perform with the Orchestra onstage at Orchestra Hall!

Minnesota Orchestra Fantasy Camp will be held on Thursday & Friday, September 15 & 16, 2011. So, if two rehearsals, a public concert, and breakout sessions with the world-renowned Minnesota Orchestra sounds like your cup o' tea, you can find more information on how you can play out your fantasy, at, then you can tell all of your friends & family that you're goin' to band camp!

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[1]Ross, Alex. "Battle of the Bands" The New Yorker 22 March 2010.

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