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The Ahn Trio. Beauty & Talent.

Written by Andy Fein, luthier at Fein Violins
 and Angie Newgren

The Ahn Trio

Who are the best the best looking Juilliard graduates? Hmm, that might be difficult to decide. OK, who are three of the best looking Juilliard graduates that are sisters and have a fantastic trio? If you want to believe People Magazine, it would be the Ahn Trio! I would agree.

Angella, Lucia, and Maria Ahn are three sisters who make up the Ahn Trio. Born in South Korea, each sister was accepted into Juilliard, the performing arts conservatory in New York City. Angella on violin, Lucia on piano, and Maria on cello. For the last decade, the Ahn Trio has traveled internationally to perform. They have released five albums, and have started their own production company. They teach at workshops, appear in advertisements, and have won several awards. Their chamber group has given inspiration to many contemporary composers. The Ahn Trio, in turn, performs many new works.

In 2008, the Ahn Trio released their latest album, "Lullaby for my Favorite Insomniac." It is a modern classical take on songs that, well, are lullabies for twenty-first century insomniacs. Creating this album, the sisters commissioned work  from composers such as Kenji Bunch, Michael Nyman, Roberto Carnevale, and Ronn Yedidia. The Ahn Trio also used transposed works from Rodgers and Hart, Astor Piazzolla, David Bowie and Pat Metheny. There are also guest singers performing, and four bonus tracks of remixed songs with DJs such as Tao of Sound, DJ Spooky, Superdrive, and Ra. D.

Here is a song from Lullaby for my Favorite Insomniac:

Here is the same song, remixed by Tao of Sound (featured on album):

Here is another song on the album featuring Susie Suh:

Here is one more, (I just really can't get enough):

Angella Ahn
Angella is the violinist in the trio. She was born in 1972 and also is the youngest of the group. Angella is a good friend and collaborator with violinist/composer Mark O'Connor. Mark runs the Mark O'Connor Fiddle Camp in the summers. Angella also teaches violin and viola at Montana State University.

Lucia Ahn
Lucia Ahn in the pianist and the twin sister of Maria, born in 1970. When she was in kindergarten, she spotted a piano and begged her mom for lessons. A year after receiving her wish, her sisters were inspired to start their own instrument. She prefers playing on a Hamburg Steinway piano.

Maria Ahn
Maria Ahn is the cellist. She is Lucia's twin, born in 1970. She enjoys finding new artists in airports (by buying CDs). She said she never dreamed of being in a "sister trio." But through her success, I bet she is grateful for the way things ended up.

Angella Lucia and Maria not only sound beautiful, but look beautiful. They have posed for magazines Vogue, and GQ, they have been photographed by Arthur Elgort, Ellen von Unwerth, and Walter Chin. They have also posed for GAP, Anne Klein, and Body Shop. In 2003, all three were chosen to be in People Magazine's 50 Most Beautiful People.

I find their take on music impressive as well as inspiring. The Ahn Trio has found a way to bring classical music to a different level. Their philosophy is that musical genres don't need to remain separated, but can collaborate together to activate new emotions in the soul. They have proved themselves as gifted musicians, recreating classical pieces and also twisting in modern and contemporary music of many genres. It gives classical pieces a new display that expresses deep emotions and connects audiences of all different kinds to appreciate the beauty of music.

Here is one last clip that shows the trio combining different genres of music:

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