Friday, October 19, 2012

What viola do they play?

Written by Andy Fein, luthier at Fein Violins and Kevin Berdine

When you hear a violist, ever wonder "what viola are they playing?" We have compiled a small list of violas that famous musicians have played or continue to play.

William Primrose

1735 Nicolo Gagliano Violin
"ex-Primrose" Amati, now played by Roberto Diaz
1697 "ex-Lord Harrington" Guarneri, now called "ex-Primrose"
1950 William Moennig Jr. now played by Peter Pas

Yuri Bashmet
1758 Paolo Testore

Ida Kavafian

Ida Kavafian
image from Curtis Institute of Music

1751 Guadagnini Violin
1987 Peter and Wendela Moes Viola

Atar Arad

images from his website
Nicolo Amati

Helen Callus

Gabrielle Kundert-Copy of the Primrose Amati

Roberto Diaz
ex-Primrose Amati
Kim Kashkashian

1617 Brothers Amati

Paul Neubauer

Nobuko Imai
Peter and Wendela Moes

Nils Monkemeyer
Peter Erben

Melia Watras
Samuel Zygmuntowicz Viola

Lionel Tertis 

1717 Domenico Montagnana (17 1/8 inches!) 
Lawrence Cocker "Tertis Model" viola

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