Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Customers of Fein Violins: Comments and Reviews

Here's our running blog with comments and reviews from our customers:

Andy Fein, Violin & Bow Maker, Fein Violins

Hi Andy,

Just wanted to say thanks for all the help with my students! Thought you might like to know one of my violinists just got one of your bows to solo with her high school orchestra, another is concertmaster of her school on one of your violins and another got into AllState ork playing on one of your bows. :D We appreciate you!



I'm just so happy to have a violin that's COMFORTABLE for me now as well as sounding good.

(F. Costa 7/8 outfit)

Hi Amy,

Wow wow and wow, what a beautiful violin, my wife and I were just totally amazed when we opened the case, I can't thank Andy and you enough, I will write a
feedback when I get more time.

Thanks again
Chuck Rowen
(D. Albert outfit) 

Hi Diane,

Thank you so much, again! I'll be looking forward to that notification. Thank you to everyone and Fein Violins. It's such a pleasure to be able to do business with people like you guys! It makes me wish that I had lived around that area and be a regular customer!

(F. Costa outfit)

Dear Amy, Matt, and Andy,

The violin arrived today and seems (in my entirely unqualified opinion) fabulous. The setup is awesome, the sound is magnifique, and it looks beautiful too. I'm getting a luthier to check it out but at this point it looks like I've hit really the jackpot. 

Yours truly,
(D. Albert outfit)


The violin I traded up to a little while, I have really noticed it sounding better.  It sounds so sweet. I'd like to think some of it is me, but it's too much a difference.  It is a great sounding instrument. Sorry if it sounds a little corny, but it's my true feeling!

(A. Cremone violin outfit)

Got the violin. It was set up very nicely. Lots and lots of extras with it. Very nice and thank you! It is easier for me to play the fast bluegrass songs. Big difference. It has the sound I was looking for. You all really knew what I was looking for. So nice. Thank you all! This is just incredible, I don't know what to say except thank you!

(A. Cremone violin outfit)

Thank you for your patience and time with all of my questions over these past few weeks! You are all truly amazing just as I have been reading from everyone you have helped. I am the financial secretary in an elementary school, and this year when the strings teacher started his kindergarten class I told him how I have always dreamed of playing the violin. I was invited to take lessons with the kindergarteners.  Now in his absence I teach the class, very awesome. At 58 years old you can still learn new things.  Thank you! It is a dream coming true!

(D. Albert violin outfit)

Just wanted to let Fein Violins know that my mother called me to tell me that the package arrived safely at home! I'm excited to get home (thank goodness it's nearing the end of the day) and try it out for my practice time today! I can't explain how happy this makes me. Thank you so much for your help! I honestly cannot thank you enough! It's such a pleasure to be able to do business with people like you guys! It makes me wish I lived around that area and could be a regular customer!

(Costa violin outfit)

Andy & Amy, 
Thank you for everything. the violin is wonderful and so is your service. My son loves it and so does his instructor. She requested your contact info, so you'll probably hear from her. 
Thank you, 
Terry E. 
(Costa violin outfit)

Dear Andy Fein,
My beautiful violin arrived on Wednesday as expected.  I am overjoyed with it, and have played it at home and in public.  Besides being a beautifully made instrument, it produces a clarity and warmth of tone which is most pleasing to me.  I look forward to exploring all of it's potential, and am very glad that I bought a violin through your company.  The craftsmanship, the care and the cooperation are all important.  I have recommended you highly to several other musician friends.
Thank you so very much!  I wish you light, love and laughter.
(D Albert violin outfit)

Let me say what a great pleasure it was to deal with the Fein company.  Your knowledge of the instrument and your pleasing professional manner is a great credit to you and your profession.  As for the violin, my wife still is in shock!  The instrument you sold me is the finest she has ever played (Her words).
Once again, sincere thanks,
Bill L.
(Atelier Cremone violin outfit)

Dear Mr. Fein,
Thank you so much for the viola you sent to my son, Jason.  Jason was amazed with the sound that came from this instrument.  He played it for hours after receiving it and smiles broadly whenever he puts bow to string.  He is very hard to please and we had other visits to luthiers lined up before this instrument came.  My son played instruments that cost thousands, and they did not seem to have the sound that came from your instrument.  We appreciate the time and effort you put into providing us with an instrument within our means that sounds this wonderful.  This is an instrument that he will be proud to play for years to come.
Steve B
(Atelier Cremone viola outfit)

Dear Andy,
I want to let you know that the new cello arrived at my home safely yesterday evening.  The cello and bow are so beautiful and so much better than in photos.  The sound comes out brightly and powerfully even right out of the shipping box.  After just playing a few strokes, my daughter Jeanna said she loved it. She will surely enjoy them for many years to come.  I really appreciate your effort to make our online shopping experiment for such a fragile and delicate musical instrument a wonderful experience.  By doing so, you get loyal customers.  My older daughter is talking about upgrading her full size violin from you some time later this year.
(Atelier Cremone violin outfit)

Dear Mr. Fein and staff,
Thank you so much for the great cello!  It is so pretty and I LOVE IT!!!  The sound is so big and grand!  Thank you for taking the time to make such a good cello for me!  I would also like to thank you for the beautiful bow.  It is so much easier to do spiccato! I am so grateful for all of your hard work.  Even from Minnesota, you guys did your best to give me a good cello!  Thank you so much!
(Atelier Cremone cello outfit)

Hi Diane n Andy,
Love the violin!  It sounds like the music is coming from heaven when I play.
(Costa violin outfit)

Mr Fein & Staff,
We received the violin on Thursday as scheduled.  We are very happy with the purchase.  It sounds so beautiful.  Out of all the violins Jonathan transitioned to, he said this is the best sounding violin he's had.  It produces such a beautiful tone and is so easy to listen to.  His teacher said it is a "fabulous" violin.  Thank you for the superb quality instrument, all the extras & the great service.
We will definitely purchase our next violin from you.
(D Albert violin outfit)

Hi All,
I just wanted to let you know we received Sebastian's violin today!!!!  Thank you for getting it here on time.....As usual you are wonderful!!!! The violin is beautiful and I will send you a picture of the boys playing on both of your violins from the show.....Thank you again for everything!!!!
Warmest Regards,
(D Albert violin outfit)

Andy, Amy, Diane and Megan,
The violin arrived today and I'm in love!  It's so beautiful to look at and has a gorgeous sound, even with my limited ability.  I can't wait to grow into it.  And the silver pernambuco bow is fabulous.  The balance is incredible.  Thank you so much for the superb care and your patience in answering all my questions.  And thank you for the extras that you shipped with the violin.  I wasn't expecting rosin, an electronic tuner, and the dampit, which I've already used.  All the extras make it feel like Christmas morning.
I have three young violinists in my house, so I'll be taking a look at your student violins!
Thanks again!
(D Albert violin outfit)

Hello friends,
I thank you again for your patience and thoughtful sales support.  It is worth mentioning that I had secured another arrangement entirely with a different vendor before I spoke with you today, but was won over by the candor, obvious knowledge, professionalism and warmth you extended.  That was a powerfully helpful phone call!  I am very much looking forward to receiving the new cello, and I hope you will know how much this means to me, my daughter and family.  I look forward to sharing my positive experience among a great many friends in the New York music community.
Timothy W
(Costa cello outfit)

I have wanted to play the violin for years.  I tossed around the idea of purchasing one pretty much all last year, saved up my money, and finally got one in December.  It was the Amati Etude violin.  I am 29 years old, never played any kind of instrument, and know almost nothing about music.  I looked around for a few months and finally found a good place near my home to take lessons.  I have been taking lessons for about a month now and try to practice about two hours a day.  I am so happy I decided to purchase a violin from you.  It sounds great when I play it right and I would not hesitate to do business with you in the future.
Steven M
(Amati Etude violin outfit)

Hi Amy,
Wow, wow and wow, what a beautiful violin, my wife and I were just totally amazed when we opened the case, I can't thank you & Andy enough.
Thanks again,
(D Albert violin)

Just a note to let you know that I am enjoying my new 15-1/2 inch viola very much.  The size is just right.  It has a great tone, speaks out, and is becoming "mellow" sounding, too.  The more I play it, the better it sounds!
(D Albert viola outfit)

The ordering was a great experience.  My excitement together with fast responses from Amy.  After making my final selection, based on her recommendations, I ordered the violin.  I couldn't believe the beautiful, classy case.  Obviously designed not only for beauty, but to protect the instrument.  I then removed the instrument and inspected it carefully.  What beautiful workmanship; this violin is really artwork.  Very nice.  It sounds so much prettier than my old cheapie that I started on.  I am a rank beginner, but anyone can tell the much better sound.  I love the sound.  The bow is matched by a professional,  [string player].  Lots of other extras came with it I didn't expect.  A humidifier, a polishing cloth, a bottle of polish, and a cake of rosin.. The documentation that came with it was a nice touch.  It came with a warranty, an appraisal, and instructions for care.  Someone packed this with a lot of care.  I loved the whole experience, and will love this violin for a long time. 
I recommend!
(F Costa violin outfit)

Hello Andy,
Just wanted to let you know that my son played a performance yesterday and was happy with his new violin. He said it sounded way better than he expected!  He received very good appreciation from the audience as well.
Thank you so much for all your timely help!
(D Albert violin outfit)

Hi Amy!
Got it and oh, man, it's a beauty and sounds soooooooooooo beautiful.  Thank you so much and be sure to thank Andy for me too.
Have a great day!!
(D Albert violin outfit) 

Mr. Fein,
Thanks so much for this wonderful cello/case/accessories!  It arrived Friday afternoon.  It is better than I expected and it is a KEEPER!!!  THANKS AGAIN! Your cello outfit has brought me MUCH HAPPINESS!!!!
Alison Y.
(F Costa cello outfit)

Greetings Andy, Amy and Megan,
Just as you told me it would - my violin arrived today.  I must tell you though, that before I even opened the box I smiled at reading your mailing label.  Even the small things tell me you are all quite the team.  You truly have make my day, and I know many more days ahead.  What a magnificent instrument!  I must have played for four hours and just gazed at it for another three.  I am exhausted.  A few words will provide an understanding of what I am thinking:
Beautiful, Exceptional, Perfect, Quality, Artistic, Pleasure.  
And then, great customer service, helpful, knowledgeable and a responsive staff are words that come to mind.  I am very pleased! And Amy, you were so right, the bow makes a huge difference.  And thank you for all of your time and patience to answer question after question.  I am so glad I learned of Fein Violins and the staff. 
Thank you!
David B
(Atelier Cremone Golden Period Strad Model violin outfit)

I have had this viola for about three months now and I just wanted to give some feedback! I absolutely love my viola and there is no other way to describe it.  It has a nice tone and is great for an advanced student such as myself.  Every time I open the case and bring it out I am always in shock at how much better it sounds the more I play it!  My friends from DYAO as well as my colleagues in my viola section all love my viola as well and I am pretty sure many of them are considering purchasing an instrument from you guys.
Thank you so much for both the quality of the instrument as well as the excellent customer service.  When I need a new viola for college either next year or in a couple of years, I will definitely be purchasing a viola from you guys!
(Costa viola outfit)

My brother and his wife recently gave me a violin for my 15th birthday, and I would just like to thank you for preparing it.  It plays very well, and has a deep, rich sound.  I really appreciate it, and just wanted to thank you.
Kitty M
(Atelier Cremone violin outfit)

HI Andy,
Just wanted to let you know the new cello arrived in perfect condition,  The bows look amazing - both of them, the cello also looks very beautiful.  All in all, Andy, thanks again.  I am really impressed with your quality, price and customer service.  Top notch!  Hmmmm..... I saw those Italian instruments on your site......Hopefully soon.
All the best, Andy.
Csaba H
((F Costa cello outfit)

It's even more beautiful in person than it was in the photos.  My daughter loves it.  The 7/8 is the perfect size for her.
We are in LOVE WITH IT!
(F Costa cello outfit)

Hi Amy,
I did want to let you know how much of a hit the cello is.... she loves it very much!  Thanks for all your assistance in helping us get the right cello for her.  It was wonderful working with you and Andy.
(D Albert cello outfit)

Annika took her new cello to her strings instructor today and, as expected, it received a HUGE thumbs-up!  She was really impressed with the Wittner Finetune pegs as well as the sound quality.
Thank you again for all of your patience with us and your expertise.  We couldn't be happier with the cello and will recommend you without hesitation.
(F Costa cello outfit)

My daughter's viola arrived in Kuwait a couple of days ago.  She loves it!  It is a beautiful instrument with a big, rich and warm tone,  The new bow is also great and I can hear how responsive it is in the ease with which she plays.  Her teacher was very impressed with the instrument and bow, too, remarking on the quality of craftsmanship.
Thank you for such a quality instrument and prompt service. It is so important to us to find a luthier we can trust, as here in Kuwait, we do not have the luxury of walking into a shop and trying out various instruments fo find something suitable.  I am pleased to say that my daughter's new viola fits the bill exactly.
Many thanks again and we look forward to being a long-term customer with Fein Violins.
(Costa viola outfit)

You have been so nice to me.  Hope to some day meet you in person.
Loving my cello......
(F Costa cello outfit)

Dear Andy & Staff,
Thank you  so much for your time and efforts in accommodating my cello order.  It arrived, as scheduled, last Thursday in perfect order.  The action on it is perfect, thumb position is much more comfortable than my previous cello.  The sound is great - balanced and sweet.  I'm thankful for your ability to match me with this fine instrument!  Again, many thanks to all of you for your fine work in understanding my needs.
Rogelio S.
(F Costa cello outfit)

Dear Amy, Matt and Andy,
The violin arrived today and it seems (in my opinion) fabulous.  The setup is awesome, the sound is magnifique, and it looks beautiful, too.  It looks like I've really hit the jackpot!
Yours truly,
(D. Albert violin)

I received shipment today of my new Francois Costa cello, and I just wanted to let you know that I am very satisfied with it.  The tone quality is very even, across the strings, and I'd probably have to pay three times what I paid for it, in order to find a cello with a significantly better sound.  I consider that I got an exceptional value.  The setup is excellent, and the cello is in virtually flawless condition.  I was also quite impressed that you thought to provide me with everything I would need: a dampit, some decent rosin, even a bottle of polish and a nice polishing cloth.  The electronic tuner was also a nice plus.  You guys are really great, I want to tell you! Thanks so much for your smashingly good service!
Jeff K
(F Costa cello outfit)

In the beginning the violin was just an extracurricular activity, but Altana is now very clear that she wants a career in music. I have no doubt that the series of violins from Fein, and this one in particular, have been "instrumental" in her development. Her little sister is no slouch either: we will be coming back for upgrades there, too.

Thanks so much for indulging my parental pride!
Jeff S
(Aubry violin outfit)

I received my violin yesterday - it was in excellent condition and immediately playable with excellent tone. Thank you,

We received our violin on Monday as you promised. What a beautiful sound, we really like it! Our son Roman is very excited, it is much better than his old violin. He and his teacher already tuned the violin and they were surprised how easy it can be done. Thanks for telling us the Wittner FineTune Pegs are better. Our son told us that he will learn how to tune the violin with pegs now! Thanks again,

(F Costa violin outfit)

Dear Andy,

Thank you so much for creating these exquisite violins and bows. My son, Ben, will benefit greatly from your skill as a luthier. As I mentioned, Ben tried about 25 violins, nine of which we brought to his instructor. Your violin and bow were clearly the best choices. I can't begin to express how grateful we are for the bow upgrade. We're overwhelmed by your generosity! Please be assured the Ben very much appreciates the quality the bow and will put it to good use. We look forward to meeting you in person next Summer!

Kind regards,
(Atelier Cremone violin outfit)

We got the viola just in time for Denise's concert. Sounds great. She loves it!

Thanks again,
(Atelier Cremone viola outfit)

Hello, I am contacting you regarding my new violin to let you know how pleased and happy I am with this instrument! Everyone who hears me play comments on the beautiful tonal quality of the instrument. When I received it, I could instantly feel and hear the difference. I have doubled my playing time I enjoy playing it so much. I have been recommending this instrument to all my musical friends. Thank you so much for such a Fine Violin!

My very best regards and gratitude,
Ted S.
(Atelier Cremone violin outfit)

We just wanted to send you a note and tell you how happy we are with the violin, it is absolutely beautiful! Our daughter just loves it, and it will be with her for many years to come. The sound is just amazing! When we decided to start looking for a violin we knew we wanted an instrument that would be both an investment and something that she would play well into college and beyond, and then we came across your website. We listened to your you tube demonstrations, and even saw a street view of your shop with you pictured in the window - it made me feel like I was visiting in person! Diane was so nice to work with, she answered all of our questions and we really felt confident that we were getting the right violin.

Thanks again!
Theresa F
(Atelier Cremone violin)

Thank you so much! I love my new viola and it's amazing how easy it is to play. Your level of customer service is phenomenal and I plan on making additional purchases in the future!

Happy Holidays!
Diana N
(Atelier Cremone Viola Outfit)

I have had my new Atelier Cremone violin for a little over a month now and I am really enjoying it. The sound, volume and tone are all outstanding. Thank you for sending this one to me. It is a very beautiful instrument. I love the flaming on the back and sides. It looks so rich and sounds even better! I really like the way it plays.

Thank you so much.
Linda H.
(Atelier Cremone violin outfit)

This is a beautiful viola....I'm enjoying playing it....Thank you!

(Atelier Cremone viola outfit)

Dear Andy,
Just wanted to let you know that we appreciate the efforts of your entire staff, especially Megan, on selecting a cello for my daughter Jacqueline before the holidays. The cello is fantastic - better than we could have imagined. We thought it would be late but somehow you guys expedited the delivery and it arrived before Christmas in perfect shape. It's perfect! I am now a huge fan of Fein Violins and will recommend you to anyone I possibly can. Than you again and best wishes for a healthy and prosperous new year.

Jon D
(PARMA cello by Atelier Cremone)

Hi Amy -
Oh, my..... Such a beautiful, warm, rich tone. The Wittner fine-tune pegs are wonderful. The dark red-brown color of the violin. The gorgeous grain detail on the back. It's an amazingly beautiful instrument. I think I'm in love. I'm already playing better....

(7/8 size SONATA model violin by F. Costa)

Hello Andy,
The violins arrived last Friday. Beverly and I have put several hours on both of your beautiful violins. Wow, they sound wonderful, and are beautiful. You set them up to play so easily. The strings are so responsive to the bow and the sound is projected across the room so beautifully. I'm throwing the boxes that they came in away today because I won't be returning them. We love our violins, the cases, and all the goodies (nice surprise) like the tuner, cleaner and rosin. Both Beverly and I are very pleased with our violins and could not be happier. You have made a couple of sixty two year olds as happy as a couple of kids on Christmas. Doing business with you has been a real pleasure.

Thank you,
Sam S
(Two D. Albert Violin outfits)

Andy and Diane,
Thank you so much for sending us this beautiful viola. Kyle loves everything about it. Your customer service is superb!!!!! We will definitely make additional purchases in the future and send send referrals.

My Gratitude,
Cindy J
(PIEDMONT model viola by Atelier Cremone)

We ordered this violin for our teenage daughter. She got it about a month ago and she is absolutely thrilled with it. We got her a cello from Fein Violins last year and the service was so amazing that when her old student violin got broken we knew exactly where to go to get her a new one. Again the customer service was great. Diane was extremely helpful and we couldn't get better service from our local music store.

Mandy L.
ORCHESTRA model violin by F. Costa

Hi Guys!!!
Yesterday we received the violin [in Puerto Rico]... IT IS BEAUTIFUL AND SOUNDS GREAT!!!!! My daughter has been playing it more than she usually practices... We are very excited... It arrived in perfect condition... The violin class is this Thursday so I'll let you guys know the teacher's opinion but she already asked me for your website for other students... I sent her photos and she told me it looks great!!!! Love the bow and the case!!!! JUST LOVE EVERYTHING AND THE SERVICE WAS EXCELLENT!!!!! Be sure I'll recommend you and when my youngest daughter reaches that size I'll contact you right away......

Thanks a lot.....
Dalila B
ALLEGRO model violin by D. Albert

Hi Diane,
Just want to let you know that we've received the violin yesterday and my daughter is very excited to own her first violin. Her violin teacher just checked her new violin today and said it sounded beautiful. Thank you so much for all your help!

Thanks again,
VIENNA model violin by Atelier Cremone

Hi Diane,
I received my violin. Oh, it is beautiful! I hope that one day my playing may do it justice. Practice, practice, practice.... I am very impressed by the quality of the case and all the essentials like the cleaner and tuner, etc. that were sent. I really love the bow, I love the feel of it. Good job choosing the one that goes so well with the violin. Thanks to Andy as well for the special chin rest. I appreciate it very much.

Thank you and I hope to do more through your shop in the future.
7/8 size VIENNA model by Atelier Cremone

While I was looking to upgrade my cello that I've had for 20 years, I researched countless places for an intermediate cello and got a lot more than I was expecting. I played in Junior High all the way through College with a laminate cello and did the best I could to play it. My instructor asked me how I even got sound to come out of it when he played it to see the quality. I set my cello down and after 10 years of not playing, I picked it back up again. The Brandenburg model cello I ordered came in ready to play. I am a very skeptical person when it comes to customer service, and must say that speaking with the staff here, I was very impressed, They helped me find the cello that I was looking for. It doesn't get any better than this. The service was outstanding, and the quality of the cello is beyond anything I was expecting. If you are looking for a GREAT cello, look no further, this is it.

Shawn H
BRANDENBURG model cello by Atelier Cremone

Hello Diane and Andy,
The New Bow arrived this afternoon. It's beautiful, It plays wonderful.....Fein Violins and the wonderful people there are great. The best and friendliest service with great violins and bows... Thank you for all you have done for me & my wife....Looking forward to doing more business with all you at Fein Violins....

Sam S
Fein STUDIO Violin Bow

Fein Violins,
I have had a couple weeks to get used to my new violin from your shop and am so glad I listened to my gut feeling and didn't leave Minnesota without it! The neck is thin enough that it is comfortable for me to hold, like my old violin, but the finish is much smoother and not heavily varnished making shifting exercises much more approachable for me to practice. Some violins I have tried, the neck felt awkwardly bulky; at least for me, that isn't comfortable.

The tone is mellow and slightly quieter than my old one, also making it feel more welcoming for me to play, as a self-conscious musician. Velvety, too, I think is how I want to describe it's voice; makes me look forward to playing it. As I get used to the fingerboard and play in tune on this one, it's voice has been coming through better and better to me.

Many from the orchestra I play with have complemented it's tone and my private instructor is really pleased with my choice as well.

And, it was even in my price range.

Two thumbs up for your work!

Best wishes,
William G.

I love my violin! The sound is just beautiful. Many thanks to Diane and Andy for all the help. I'll always refer my friends and family to Fein.


Hi Diane,
Thank you so much for your wonderful customer service! You generously gave me your undivided attention when I came in to the shop without an appointment, and you answered all of my questions so kindly and patiently. I am so totally in love with my new 15" viola! (My teacher says you were absolutely right about the size). My violas voice is so rich and smooth and it's so easy to play! Thank you, thank you!

(Atelier Cremone CREMONA model viola)

Diane, Andy and all,
Been meaning to write. I purchased your little 'red' 7/8 violin in Nov of 2014. It took me awhile to get used to a smaller violin and at first I was unsure that going smaller was the right thing to do. Turns out after playing this little violin for awhile, she is just beautiful! My violin teacher, who deals in violins and could have easily tried to sell me a different instrument, commented on the gorgeous sound this violin produces.

I was also a bit surprised when today she commented on the bow and what a lovely wood and look it has.

I do apologize for taking so long to get back to you, but I have been wanting to tell you how thankful I am for this wonderful instrument.

Kathleen R.
(VIENNA model 7/8 violin)

Breath taking!

Thank you so much for helping me make the right choices. You have a life long customer.

Again, thank you,
(D. Albert BRESCIA model viola)

Today I received my 7/8 violin that I ordered a couple of weeks ago. It was my biggest anticipation next to getting married 13 years ago. All I can say is that I FELL HEAD OVER HEELS IN LOVE with this violin and I cannot believe I own it. It was a bit nerve-wracking to order an item that was relatively pricey, but upon receiving it today, it's all worth it!

I love the sound it produces - just like a concertmaster would sound. It really boosts my confidence playing a better violin. The sound quality makes a huge difference! The 7/8 size is so perfect for my petite stature - a full size was just too big to play comfortably. The wood on this violin looks just stunning and adds to the beauty. Amazing!

Thank you for the care package that came with the order, and I appreciate the way the delivery was handled.

I know that I will have more fun playing with my orchestra, and I can't wait to experience playing different styles of music, too.

Thank you for such an amazing piece of art.

Sakura C
(Costa ORCHESTRA model 7/8 violin)

Dear Diane and Andrew,
I just wanted to let you know that the cello arrived yesterday afternoon. I opened the box about 9pm and everything looked like it had traveled okay. The silver case is beautiful, so glad I ordered that. The cello is also beautiful. The cello was not even terribly out of tune, which was a surprise. I had it tuned in no time and love the rich sound it has! I know I am going to get a lot of enjoyment out of this lovely instrument. It looks and sounds marvelous!

A fun coincidence - after I ordered the cello I was talking to our oldest daughter, and she said "Fein Violins? That's where we ordered both violins for our kids!"

I thought you would enjoy hearing that several in our family are proud owners of your beautiful stringed instruments!

Thank you for including the Dampits, extra bridges, polish, rosin and cloth.

Merry Christmas to ME!!
Judy B
(Atelier Cremone MILAN model cello)

Love It! - Don’t Settle for Less, or Spend More
It makes such a difference to have a beautiful, fine quality, and great-sounding instrument; I’m enjoying practicing more, and making much better progress. Great to find a Luthier who provides a cello from Markneukirchen, Germany, a source with a 400 year history. (See wikipedia.) Excellent work finishing and setting up. You really have to see it and hold it. My teacher is very impressed, recommending this cello to other students. FineTune Pegs and tailpiece fine tuners are great. Two Bridges, one High, the other Low, for seasonal changes. Also a Carbon Fiber Endpin. Optional Larsen strings and Fiberglass case very much worth the price. The Fein Hybrid Bow is more responsive than my Prodigy— Love it! I seriously considered many other instruments, almost resigned myself to settle for less, or spend more. This outfit is worth much more than the price, and is exactly what I was looking for. And to top it all off, as others have said, the purchasing experience and service are unsurpassed!

Curtis B
(Costa BRANDENBURG Model Cello)

Our son's new cello that we purchased from you has made a great difference. He's taking his Class A solo piece to the state competition!

Paul. S.
(Costa LEIPZIG Model Cello)

I got the violin today and I am so happy with it. It is so beautiful, just as I hoped it would look. The case is also nice. The violin sounds so great I didn't know what I was missing all those years I am booking Alice Tully Hall to give a concert of the first position C Major scale!

Thanks again,
Larry R
(D. Albert GRAND model Violin)

Dear Fein Violins,
The Serenade 7/8 violin arrived yesterday in good condition. I was like a child opening a Christmas present! What a wonderful feeling to hold and to play the right size violin. I could not have been more delighted to hear the approval of my instructor who said the violin has good tone quality. Now, it will not be as difficult for me to tackle difficult violin techniques. This violin found a new owner!

Thank you again,
Sincerely yours,
Annabella D.
(Atelier Cremone SERENADE model 7/8 violin)

Dear Mr. Fein,
Just a few updates on a cello outfit our family bought from you a few years ago. The cello has accompanied my child to different places: four years in precollege, a summer in Tanglewood, appearances with orchestras in the UN and Carnage Hall. Happy cellist and the cello even appeared in precollege and Tanglewood brochures, some newspapers and websites. The cello is still going strong and accompanying my child at an Ivy League school in its orchestra.

Thank you, Z
(COMO model cello by Atelier Cremone)

Dear Fein Violins and Staff -
I had a wonderful time visiting your shop. I am loving my new violin! I enjoy playing it more and more each day, and it is now one of my most prized possessions. Thank you so much for your help, generosity, and expertise!

(Vintage Italian violin circa 1907, Milan, by Romeo Antoniazzi)

Dear Andy,
I can't believe it, it's mine! I am so excited to play, learn, practice and grow forever. I know I can come to your for help and care for my cello - she'll need TLC now and again - and I will bring her straight to you! My heart is overflowing with gratitude & joy to now fully own my cello! I hope you are blessed every day, and know that with your work you bless many.

Thank you, Andy, again and again, for my cello!
Meagan H

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