Friday, June 24, 2011

J. Emil Züst, Swiss Violin Maker

Written By: Andy Fein, luthier at Fein Violins

Switzerland is influenced by three main cultures - Italian, French, and German - which intertwine and enhance each other to form the Swiss culture. The Swiss violin makers embody this same tradition - taking the best characteristics of their neighbors, and enhancing it to make it their own.

J. Emil Züst was one of these violin makers. 
His violins
usually follow a Guarnerius model. Züst was highly respected as a great luthier and he became head of the Swiss Violin Makers' Society in 1927. 

In our shop, we have a beautiful 7/8 size violin made by J. Emil Züst. The body length of this violin is just 13.75" (349 mm), but it possesses a greater power and refinement of tone than many full size violins. This is a wonderful instrument for a young soloist, or for any player that requires a slightly shorter reach of the arm.

The label reads: "J.E. Züst Geigenmacher, fecit anno 1922 Zürich"

J. Emil Zust

The violin in our shop was made in 1922 in Zürich, Switzerland. Its G string carries a mellow and rich tone which varies to its E string which has a bright and clear tone.

Here is a video of our shop manager, Amy Tobin, playing this violin:

This violin has been sold, but you can take a look at our other Fine Violins!

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