Saturday, September 17, 2011

Anne Akiko Meyers:
The Girl with Two Stradivarius Violins ( & a del Gesu!)

By: Debra Krein of Fein Violins

Anne Akiko Meyers is one of the greatest violinists of our time. (Not to mention, she's gorgeous!)

Anne Akiko Meyers Stradivarius Violin
Photograph by Andrew Eccles

Do you find classical music boring? Think it's too old school and just plain dull? I'm a classically trained violinist, but personally, I would rather listen to hip-hop music than classical music any day of the week. Yet, one listen to any of Anne's numerous recordings and even the greatest skeptic will be moved, as you can literally feel the emotion emanating from Anne's awe-inspiring performances on her violin.

Speaking of her violin, Anne Akiko Meyers owns two pretty awesome Stradivarius violins. TWO!

For her performances, Anne Akiko Meyers plays on the Ex-Napoleon/Molitor Stradivarius violin - which is dated 1697.  The Molitor Stradivarius violin is believed to have been originally owned by Napoleon Bonaparte (from there, it passed through the hands of numerous distinguished owners), and Anne bought this violin in 2010 for $3.6 million. When Anne Akiko Meyers bought the Molitor Stradivarius violin, it was the most expensive violin ever purchased... that is, until the Lady Blunt Stradivarius violin sold  on June 21, 2011 for a whopping $16,000,000.

The Ex-Napoleon / Molitor Stradivarius
Anne's other Stradivarius violin, the Royal Spanish Stradivarius violin, is merely a "back-up" instrument. A 1730 Stradivarius violin? Oh, pish-posh, 'tis but a back-up.

Photos of a Stradivarius Violin
Anne Akiko Meyers with the Royal Spanish Stradivarius violin
Photograph by Anthony Parmelee

Check out our friend, Anne Akiko Meyers's website, where you will immediately be captivated by her rendition of Claude Debussy's "Clair de Lune". (Trust me, it's amazing.)

A YouTube video of Anne Akiko Meyers and her Molitor Stradivarius on msnbc:

Anne Akiko Meyers writes a blog, tweets, has a facebook page, has a youtube channel, and helps raise money for special causes.

January 2013. Important update! Anne was recently give lifetime use of an extraordinary violin, the 1741'Vieuxtemps' Guarnerius del Gesu. Three great violins in her quiver!

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  1. I heard the wonderful interview of Anne Akiko Meyers on 91.5. The adagio of the Bach Double sh recorded was amazing.

  2. Anna playing O Magnum Mysterium at the Phillips Collection on YouTube is probably the most beautiful rendition of the work ever played.